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Treal TV Volume 2

Last week I uploaded the first volume of the Treal series so I figured I would go ahead and upload the second section. I’m going to try and not repeat myself from my write up last week but if you read any part of it you know this DVD is documenting the life and raps of a Bay Area boss, Mac Dre.

In volume 2 we get to see even more of Mac Dre’s wild west coast lifestyle alongside mainly through the eyes of a handful of other influential Bay Area rappers including; members of the Cutthroat Committee, J-Diggs, Keak Da Sneak, Mistah Fab, Husalah, B-Luv, Crest Creepaz, and the entirety of Thizz Nation. The production of this film came at a very interesting part of Dre’s career as some of the footage shown is posthumously. From the looks of it, the film was being made right around the time of Mac Dre’s murder which shocked the entirety of the Bay Area.

Mac Dre’s murder in 2004 remains unsolved to this day but the impact of his music and lifestyle lives on forever through his fans in the Bay Area and around the world. In volume 2 we get to see a gathering of Mac Dre’s closest friends, fellow rappers, and hardcore fans coming together to show love for the artist, pay homage, and celebrate his legacy. Clips from this event are so bittersweet but beautiful to see how many people appreciated his music. As time has passed now with it being nearly 20 years since Dre’s death, it’s clear to see how dedicated his fans were, keeping his legacy alive to this day.

Enjoy this video and check out the first one too if you missed it, and yes, I digitized this on my Playstation 2.