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Treal TV Volume 1

Mac Dre and Hyphy Movement Documentary

The hyphy movement was a cultural movement created in California’s Bay Area in late 90’s and early 2000’s. The movement affected fashion, music, cars, and lifestyle in general. One of the most iconic figures behind this movement was Andre Hicks also known as Mac Dre, Thizzelle Washington, Ronald Dregan, Pill Clinton, the Boss Tycoon, depending on who you ask, a Vallejo born rapper whose career starting in the late 80’s. His first release, “Young Black Brotha” in 1989, a four song EP that included one of his most iconic tracks “Too Hard For The Fuckin’ Radio”. Dre spent a brief stint in prison after a few more releases that got decent radio play in Northern California, but that didn’t stop him from making and releasing new music. During this time he released his fourth album “Back N’ Da Hood” which was recorded using the telephone he had access to in the Fresno County Jail. This was the first ever album recorded from prison that ultimately became a trend of sorts for incarcerated rappers.

“Going Dumb” as many people call it, was the form of expression associated with the movement. From the drug and alcohol fueled concerts and parties, to the wild sideshows closing down intersections and highways, people were expressing themselves any way that they could to escape from their everyday lives. Many of the important figures from this movement had larger than life personalities that could only be described as something out of a movie or comic book. While often times the hyphy movement is associated with negative connotations, at its roots the movement was about freedom and the power of self expression.

T-Real TV was a documentary type series created by Dre’s music label Thizz Entertainment, to highlight his music, unique personality, and lavish lifestyle that feels like a constant party. Whether credited or not, Mac Dre and the Hyphy movement as a whole influenced so much in hip hop and pop culture. Be on the lookout for my release of T-Real TV Volume 2 later this week!